About MeTV2

MeTV2 Channel 2 is the Delaware Valley's affiliate of MeTV, Memorable Entertainment Television. America's #1 all classic television network.

Since 2005, MeTV has been providing our viewers the very best in timeless and memorable television favorites... iconic programs that rank among the most revered and beloved TV shows of all time.

Each week, our viewers enjoy more than 50 of the greatest TV series ever made, selected from MeTV's incredible library of classic television. As we say, "That's Memorable, That's Me!"

If you're interested in advertising on Philadelphia/Wilmington's very own MeTV station, contact us at sales@metv2.com and we'll show you how you can reach our highly engaged audience!

MeTV2 can be found on the following Cable/Satellite Providers:

* Wilmington/Philadelphia - MeTV2 (OTA) 2.1

* Wilmington/Philadelphia - Cablevision 2/702 HD

* Wilmington/Philadelphia - DirecTV 2

* Wilmington/Philadelphia - DISH 2

* Wilmington/Philadelphia - Armstrong 11/111 HD

* Wilmington/Philadelphia - Blue Ridge 2/602 HD

* Wilmington/Philadelphia - Comcast 2/5/802 HD

* Wilmington/Philadelphia - Service Electric 7/507 HD

* Wilmington/Philadelphia - Verizon FiOS 2/502 HD

* Wilmington/Philadelphia - Verizon FiOS (Mercer County, NJ, only) 2/502HD

* Wilmington/Philadelphia - RCN 2/100 HD